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Tom Driver

I’ve lived all but two years of my life in Central Ohio.  I attended Olentangy Schools when grades K-12 occupied one long building on Shanahan Road.  I earned a Marketing degree from THE Ohio State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Capital University.  Most of my early working life was spent analyzing, summarizing and reporting on data in the financial services industry.  

Most of my trips during childhood involved camping.  Growing up, there was never a lot of extra money and camping is a very economical way to vacation with a large family.  We usually traveled with at least six people; mom, dad, my brother, my sister, and however many foster children were living with us at the time; there were usually one or two kids but for a brief period there were four.  With very little money and a big family, my parents’ vacation choices were either to go camping or stay at home.  I learned to do the best you can with what you have and I’m grateful they decided not to stay home.
I was twenty-five the first time I rode on a plane, it was a business trip to Orlando for a training seminar which took place at The Swan resort at Disney World.  I was in awe as I walked through the elegant lobby and the few motel rooms I’d slept in wouldn’t qualify as a broom closet at this resort.  The pool, however, is what I remember most.  It was the biggest pool I’d ever seen and whenever there was a spare hour during the seminar I’d sneak off for a swim.  I discovered a different way to travel on my first business trip.
Before I met Kelly, my vacations were simple:  go to Florida, lie on a beach or next to a pool all day, and eat at chain restaurant every night.  Very basic and, aside from the company I kept, not very interesting.  Kelly awakened in me a need to travel; to see what the world has to offer and to experience new people, places and cultures.  Her wanderlust condition, as she calls it, is one of the greatest things she’s ever given me, and that’s saying a lot.  I can’t wait to see where We Travelers Three takes us.  

Favorite places we’ve been:  Galway, Ireland; Siena, Italy; Rome, Italy

Top 3 places you want to go:  England, distillery tour of Scotland, Spain

Travel Tip:  When traveling with little ones, do not forget the nighttime lovies.  They give them security and a little piece of home while on the road.

Contact Tom at tom@wetravelersthree.com

Kelly Driver

I was born and raised in Michigan and graduated from Central Michigan University where I majored in Graphic Design and had a double minor in Advertising and Broadcasting.  For the majority of my professional career I worked in broadcasting as a Promotion Producer for the WB affiliates in both Detroit and Ft. Lauderdale/Miami.  After my time in television I switched gears and started a brief stint in radio as a Promotions/Event Coordinator.
After years in the broadcasting business (and being a newlywed) I decided I needed something that would give me a little bit more of a steady/normal work schedule.  I went back to school and studied to be a Travel Agent.  Since I was a child I have had a condition – wanderlust – and I figured that being a Travel Agent would combine my organizational skills and my passion for personal travel as well as planning itineraries for others. 

Once I became pregnant with Sydney we decided that I would be a full-time, stay-at-home mom and a part-time, home-based Travel Agent.  This has worked out really well and I couldn’t be happier. 

With the inception of We Travelers Three, I not only get to enjoy my love of travel with my family but I also get to use my love of media and television to hopefully turn this into a full-time venture.

Favorite places we’ve been:  Walt Disney World; New York City; west coast of Ireland; Paris, France
Top 3 places you want to go:  Morocco, China, Germany
Travel Tip:  Always have the means to back up your vacation photos (ie.  laptop with internet access, USB storage, extra memory cards, iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.). Journal or blog as you go.  The days tend to start to blend together and you want to make sure you are remembering everything.
Contact Kelly at kelly@wetravelersthree.com


Sydney Driver

Sydney is 9 years old and is starting Fifth Grade in the fall. She already has two frequent flyer accounts and has taken more roundtrip flights in her 9 years than either of her parents took in their first 25.
She is a very busy girl and fills her time exploring local parks as well as taking Tae Kwon Do and Piano lessons.  She is also very active with the Girl Scouts and loves attending Comic Cons all over the country.
Favorite places we’ve been:  Walt Disney World, London, Universal Studios Orlando
Top 3 places you want to go:  African Savannah, Germany, China
Travel Tip:  Always bring your movies, either on your portable DVD player or on your iPhone.

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