Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Review

IMG_1030Quiet, peaceful, serene – those thoughts come to mind as I recall We Travelers Three six night stay at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter.  Themed after New Orleans’s historic French Quarter, one might expect a daily Mardi Gras parade complete with flying beads and jazz bands sauntering through the cobblestone streets.  This may be a Mardi Gras week event, but in early June the resort epitomizes the easy pace of the southern bayou.IMG_1032

We Travelers Three (WT3) recommends taking a day off between park visits for the family to recharge so resort amenities and convenient access to other Disney World attractions are important to us.  Including our six year old’s perspective, WT3 evaluates the pool, dining options, transportation, and service.

IMG_0978For most kids any pool is great because retrieving dive sticks and doing cannonballs is always fun.  Our daughter is no exception so she rates pools based solely on their water slide using a scale of Lame, Okay and Awesome.  King Neptune’s slide is Lame.  “It’s for little kids because it’s too short and too slow”.  Her parents felt the pool was clean and big enough so we weren’t constantly bumping into other swimmers.  General tip:  WT3 avoids resort pools after 4 PM because that’s when sweaty, sunblock cover guests overtake the pool after returning from the parks.

IMG_0955The Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory is one of the better quick service restaurants WT3 has experienced.  It’s spacious and offers a nice variety of standards (burgers, mac and cheese, and pizza), alongside Creole selections like Po’ Boys, gumbo and muffaletta.  I ordered the buffalo chicken po’ boy sandwich with a side of gumbo.  My wife used a snack option for her bowl of gumbo.  We decided to split the HUGE po’ boy which saved a quick service meal.  For dessert we ordered beignets but be warned, every serving is buried under a mountain of powdered sugar.  Messy, but really good.  French Quarter doesn’t have a table service restaurant.IMG_0972

WT3 never waited more than thirteen minutes for a bus (we time the buses, it’s our job) including the crowded morning and evening park routes.  The longest wait was when we left Epcot around 8 PM trying to avoid a nasty thunderstorm.  The corral was full but two buses quickly cleared the queue.  French Quarter also has convenient boat access to the Pleasure Island dock in Downtown Disney.  However, due to limited bridge clearance along the Sassagoula River, boats will stop running during periods of high winds, which is anything over 10 mph; seriously.

IMG_1038WT3 received great service at French Quarter.  Example 1 – we were advised to pay for our beignets with the rest of our lunch but too place the order later because they taste better warm.  Example 2 – after hearing our daughter’s post card was going overseas, the gift shop cashier informed us they sell international stamps and we could use the mail box in the lobby.  Example 3 – we appreciated the maintenance team most of all because they fished out three of my wife’s beloved charms after her bracelet exploded over the bathroom sink.

On the whole, French Quarter receives four out of five stars.  The staff was welcoming and helpful and the design invokes the old charm of the southern bayou.  The water slide and lack of a sit down restaurant were the only negatives.  Luckily both those features can be found a short ten minute walk away at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside.