Toledo Expenses

By:  Kelly Driver
While reading books and articles for research on traveling as a family, I have noticed one major piece of information is missing from each and every source I have looked at.  It happens to be the one piece of information that I have the most questions about and that I wish someone would tell me about…money.
How much does all of this cost?  A lot of the families, who either give up their “normal” lives for a life on the road, or the families who are just vacationing once or twice a year, never tell us what they do for a living, how much they make and what the individual trips actually cost.
We want to help other families to be able to travel and expose their children to different cultures and experiences and one of the only ways to do that is to honestly share the financial information.
Our most recent experience was a mini-vacation in Toledo, OH.  This was not a pre-planned or pre-budgeted vacation for us so we knew we had to keep costs down.  We did a pretty good job.
Gas for our vehicle.  This obviously will depend on your vehicle and the distance you are driving.  We came from Hilliard, OH which was 144 miles (2 hours, 34 minutes) one-way.
Lunch on the road at Wendy’s
The Park Inn for 1 night.  This includes a 6.75% state tax, 10% city tax and parking in the underground parking garage.  Also, since I am a Travel Agent we were able to get the Travel Agent Rate.  My brother however got an almost identical rate by using
Imagination Station  Free with our COSI membership.  We have the Individual + Guest membership which costs us $75 a year.
Simulator Ride at Imagination Station
Dinner at Packo’s at the Park with tip (approximate).  Paid in cash and can’t find the receipt.
Tickets to the Toledo Mudhens Game
Souvenirs baseball hat for Sydney
Beer and Snacks at the park (approximate).  Paid in cash and don’t have receipts.
Room service breakfast at hotel
Food at Subway for lunch at the Zoo
Toledo Zoo parking
Toledo Zoo admission. Admission was 50% off since we are Columbus Zoo members.  Our family membership to the Columbus Zoo is $94.00 a year.

Because I am a travel agent and we have memberships to COSI and the Columbus Zoo we were able to cut our costs.  Below are prices and links for the places we visited if you don’t have reciprocal memberships.

  • Park Inn Toledo (1 night stay) with parking ($11.00):  $145.26
  • Imagination Station:  $9.50 for adults, $7.50 for kids 3-12, $8.50 for seniors
  • Toledo Mudhens:  $9.00-$12.00 per seat
  • Toledo Zoo:  Parking $6.00, $14.00 for adults, $11 for children 2-11 and seniors (March-October), $7.00 for adults, $5.50 for children 2-11 and seniors (January – February & November – December)
So there you have it.  With travel agent and reciprocal membership discounts we spent $327.66 for hotel, meals and entertainment for three people in Toledo, OH.  I can’t wait to share the cost of our upcoming Southern Ohio staycation.  It is going to blow your mind!

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  1. Since lodging is usually the largest, or second largest, expense for a trip I wanted to reiterate that Kelly's brother Scott and his family have stayed at the Park Inn several times, and have been able to negotiate a lower rate using

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